Customs Compliance

For businesses importing goods from outside the EU, complying with customs regulations can really help save your business money by minimising risks and reducing costs.

Customs Compliance
Customs Compliance is a fundamental area of customs management. Incorrect customs entries could result in a range of problems, impacting your business imports
Customs RisksCustoms PenaltiesAuthorised Economic Operator Status (AEO)
Extra customs duty demands & liability for debts

Loss of duty relief

Seizure of goods

Delays clearing customs
Negative impact on relationship with customs authorities

Retrospective customs duty demands

Loss of eligibility to AEO

Personal penalties (in the UK)
Shows that you are a secure link in the supply chain

Demonstrates that customs processes are compliant and efficient
How Customs Connect works with you to improve Customs Compliance in your business
Spotting these risks

Suggest and implement processes to mitigate these risks
Periodic monitoring

Customs Audit to help put processes in place to mitigate any penalties
Bespoke application process

Consistent monitoring to spot any risk

Ensuring compliance to be eligible for AEO

How can Customs Compliance help save your business from costly errors?

The complex nature of customs regulations means that complying and staying up-to-date with these rules can be a difficult and ongoing task.

Customs authorities regularly carry out checks and audits to ensure all businesses are paying the correct import customs duty at the correct time.

It is crucial that your business understands and meets its obligations under customs regulations, as irregularities could result in:

  • Costly customs penalties
  • Seizure of goods
  • Supply chain delays
  • Removal of customs planning authorisations
  • Damaged reputation

How can Customs Connect help you?

Here at Customs Connect, we combine our knowledge of the customs rules with your specific business needs to help alleviate some of the challenges that come with import customs compliance.

Let us spot the risks and help your business avoid costly fines or penalties.

Our experts help manage trade compliance in a variety of ways, including but not limited to:

  • Assessment of current procedures: Compare current customs rules and procedures with best practice and industry norms
  • Reviewing past procedures: Reviewing previous customs compliance failures, analysing how risks could be minimised and making appropriate regulatory disclosures to minimise their impact
  • Introducing the best practices: Designing and implementing new customs procedures and control checks that will help you reach your goals
  • Saving costs: Recommend more cost effective methods of declaring goods and meeting your obligations
  • Efficient and compliant customs control: Implement and maintain Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status through our bespoke application process and ongoing management tools

Did you know: Loss of eligibility to AEO can increase guarantee costs and stop you from applying for customs duty reliefs for up to three years.

Looking to save your business money? Get in touch with Customs Connect

With help from our experienced customs experts, your business could benefit from a more streamlined customs process and improved administration. We will spot opportunities and help fix any issues that have the potential to cause problems in the future. Get in touch and see how Customs Connect can help your business.

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