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Customs Connect maximising your profitability

311 million saved for our clients

Managing International Trade with ‘The Customs Connect Approach’

Our customs consultants, provide expert advice to help manage and improve your customs duty, tax liabilities, import/export footprint and global trade processes, with added skilled focus to unveil hidden cost saving opportunities and crucial savings towards your businesses long-term profitability and sustainability.

Bringing together our combined knowledge and experience with our state-of-the-art technology, the range of services we offer are designed to maximise your profit.

We’ll handle all the work needed to realise your cost saving opportunities, on a contingent basis.

To date we have submitted 1,279 duty reclaims for our clients. Our average reclaim is £199,970.74.

To date 237 of our EU clients have saved on average £1,079,169.44 on Duty Suspensions we’ve implemented.

Our Services can help….

  • Pinpointing customs suspension code opportunities.
  • Identifying the right classification codes for goods.
  • Improving import process and identify cost saving areas.
  • Reduce risk through correct customs compliance.
  • Avoid costly fines with proper management of export controls.
  • Advice and support for a range of personalised customs, export controls and international projects.
  • Off-the-shelf and tailored options available for technical, practical know-how, guidance and tips.
  • Get immediate support with queries, transactional issues or supply chain concerns.
  • Manage VAT and pinpoint potential cash flow improvements.

Plus, many more….

C360 Software

Customs Connect Digital Solutions introduces….C360, an analytical customs software devoted to digitalising the administrative management of your global trade processes and customs documentation, to minimalise human intervention, errors, costs, and lessen the burden of responsibility on compliance.