Temporary/Autonomous Duty Suspensions

Since 1st January 2021 the UK temporary duty suspensions regime differs from the EU’s Autonomous Duty Suspensions Routine

A key challenge for businesses is minimising supply chain costs, particularly when imported goods are only available from outside the EU. If you import products that attract a duty cost that cannot be sourced, from a UK manufacturer then you could be eligible and reduce your duty costs.

Customs Connect are the market leader in delivering customs duty savings resulting from Temporary/Autonomous Duty Suspensions (ADS). We help our clients develop a thorough economic justification, giving our applications the best chance of success. We expedite all applications through the European Commission/Department for International Trade with the support of the relevant member state delegate and assist our clients every step of the way through what is a meticulous, lengthy and often-contentious application process.

Did you know: Customs Connect have passed over 200 new duty suspensions into EU/UK law.

How could Temporary/Autonomous Duty Suspensions save my business money?

If your business imports raw materials or components used in a manufacturing or processing operation within the EU, that can only be sourced from outside the EU, you may be eligible to apply for an ADS for those goods. Successful applications can result in a zero rate of import duty for those specific goods for future imports.

The Temporary/Autonomous Duty Suspensions (ADS) Process

The team here at Customs Connect are experts when it comes to ADS applications, from identifying areas of opportunity quickly and efficiently, all the way through to a successful duty suspensions bringing the duty payable for those raw materials, parts or semi-finished components down to zero.

1. Pinpointing possible suspension code opportunities

Our experts will already have a thorough understanding of your business including the products, materials or components you import. We apply our methodology to identify and act upon potential ADS applications.

2. Completing paperwork

Working with your team we’ll gather together all documentation and paperwork needed to support your ADS application.

3. Submitting the ADS application

Once all requirements are satisfied, we’ll go ahead and submit your application. We’ll handle all communication with the customs authorities all the way through to a successful conclusion,  leaving you free to focus on what matters, running your business.

Our specialist ADS process and methodology has been developed over time. We have crafted our expert methodologies into the perfect toolkit, ready to navigate the often challenging area of Temporary/Autonomous Duty Suspension applications.

In addition to reducing future duty costs, we also make sure our clients are taking the benefit of any existing duty suspensions, enabling the repayment of customs duty up to three years retrospectively.